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Coal-fired Multiple-bar Hot Shear Unit

Our coal-fired multiple-bar hot shear unit is designed with a Japanese programmable controller which allows integrated and fully automatic control of temperature, bar transmitting, turning over and shearing. Featuring simple operation, high reliability and low power consumption, the mechanical unit enhances efficient production. The shearing unit handles aluminum bars with different dimensions ranging from φ90~φ178.

Extrusion Workshop

TIME currently boasts 12 different extrusion lines imported from Japan with capacity from 600~1800 tons and an annual yield of 30000 tons.

As extrusion is a key stage in producing aluminum profiles, the company equips itself with high-quality air-quenching, fog-quenching and water-quenching facilities in order to satisfy the mechanical property requirements for aluminum profiles under different conditions. Meanwhile, the company also has advanced installations such as discharging and cooling platforms for extruding machines to reduce defects on product surfaces as well as to ensure the product quality.

Spraying Production Workshop

Besides the two horizontal spraying production lines with a monthly yield of 1200 tons, we have imported automatic powder spraying system (from GEMA, a Swiss Company) that sprays items repetitively. In order to ensure good product quality, TIME has been consistently applying imported raw material powder for production, achieving tidy and smooth surfaces with bright colors and good hardness. And because the powder-painted layers of aluminum profiles are strong in adhesion and highly functional in resisting weathering, flaking and ultraviolet radiation, our products have been well received among clients worldwide.

Heat Tinting and Electrophoresis Workshop

TIME has introduced from Taiwan advanced electrophoresis production line and high quality electrophoresis materials; also, the refrigerating system is from United States. Furthermore, our company is equipped with advanced chemical and mechanical polishing facilities for preliminary treatment. TIME is able to manufacture various products with particular surfaces such as silver white, stainless steel-imitated color, champagne color, bronze and black etc.

Because electrophoresis provides resistance to corrosion, wearing and weathering, the products are favored by customers.

  • Casement Window FrameAn casement window frame has its hinges fixed onto its sides and opens inward or outward. With a large opening area, it provides the advantages of good ventilation, tight seal and break-in prevention along with heat and sound insulation properties. The inward-swinging type casement window frame is easy to clean, and the outward-swinging type casement window does not occupy the indoor space ...
  • Aluminum TubeFinish: Powder Coating, Anodized (Silver, Bronze, Black), Mill Finish
    Length: 4 - 6 M
    Also we can produce the aluminum pipe according to the client's drawing and design.
    Package: Interlayer Foil and Plastic Bag