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  • Aluminum TubeFinish: Powder Coating, Anodized (Silver, Bronze, Black), Mill Finish
    Length: 4 - 6 M
    Also we can produce the aluminum pipe according to the client's drawing and design.
    Package: Interlayer Foil and Plastic Bag
  • Aluminum Heat SinkOur aluminum heat sink is used to absorb thermal energy or heat from objects through thermal compounds which are also known as thermally conductive materials. At a relatively high temperature, the heat is absorbed from the object and transferred to the heat sink which has a much larger heat capacity. Being a practical thermal energy solution, the aluminum heat sink is widely used for heat radiation of refrigerators ...
  • Aluminum Extruded HandrailOur extruded aluminum handrail is anti-corrosive, anti-aging, and with fastness, saving maintenance cost after installation.
    The aluminum handrail has attractive and unique appearance, as well as graceful and soft color.
    The aluminum railings are strong with high impact resistance and they are environmentally friendly.
  • Aluminum Extrusion TrayRegarding the material for the extruded aluminum tray, we offer many options such as aluminum alloy 6063, 6061, 6060 and more.
    Hundreds of types of moulds in different specifications are optional at TIME. In addition, we can manufacture the aluminum tray according to customers' drawings and samples, and we are able to make moulds as well.
Industrial Aluminum Profile

Industrial aluminum extrusion is a kind of alloy materials principally composed of aluminum. Aluminum bars are hot melted and extruded to make the aluminum materials with different section shapes. Alloys of different proportions results in varied mechanical properties and fields of application of the industrial aluminum extrusion.

1. The aluminum extrusion is highly universal, eco-friendly, easy to assemble and disassemble, time saving and economical with a wide range of applications.
2. There are many different types and specifications of industrial aluminum extrusion which is applicable to different machinery.
3. The industrial aluminum extrusion does not need welding. It is easy to change size and structure.
4. The industrial aluminum extrusion has high requirements regarding size tolerance and surface finish.
5. It enables easy and quick assembly and high productivity.
6. With anodized surface, the industrial aluminum profile provides corrosion resistance, attractive and elegant appearance, and increased added value. It does not require spraying.
7. The aluminum extrusion provides novel mechanical structure, easy-to-assemble framework solution for equipment with fast and flexible installation.

The industrial aluminum extrusion is applicable to production lines, working tables of production lines, division panels for worksites, screens, handrails for industrial applications, various framework types, shelves, dust shields and more.

We design products in accordance with customers' requirements while respecting the client's intellectual property rights and ensuring uniqueness of products. Our extruded aluminum extrusion is typically made from aluminum alloy 6063 and 6061. Aluminum alloy 6063 is suited for extruded contour for architectural applications and aluminum alloy 6061 is commonly used for industrial aluminum extrusion profile for storage racks, aluminum trays, machinery, heat sinks and others where the requirements for hardness and technological content are high. In addition to regular structures, we can manufacture aluminum extrusion of various specifications according to custom drawings.

TIME is an experienced industrial aluminum extrusion manufacturer and supplier in China. Our company offers aluminum pipe, aluminum heat sink, extruded aluminum window profile, aluminum extrusion profile for curtain wall, extruded aluminum door profile, aluminum tray and others.

The special aluminum profile includes all the aluminum profile products except those that are used in doors and windows, curtain walls, indoor and outdoor decorations, and building structures. We can provide aluminum tube, aluminum extruded handrail, aluminum extrusion tray, and more, to suit customers' needs for those special profile products. The making of those products adopts high precision technology standard. So the deformation of product seldom occurs.

Our special industrial aluminum profile features high strength, good impact resistance, and long service life. It also shows high corrosion and fatigue resistance. Its surface is given special treatments. After the treatment, its corrosion resistance and glossiness have been improved. It finds wide applications in many occasions.

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  • Curtain Wall Profile SystemAluminum curtain wall can be easily found on many new buildings in the downtown areas of several cities. It is commonly used as exterior wall cladding for a wide range of commercial, industrial, institutional and residential buildings.
    The aluminum extrusion profile for curtain wall can use aluminum alloy 6063 T5.
  • Aluminum Profile and ExtrusionOur extruded aluminum window profile meets the requirements of different types of buildings. The extruded aluminum window profiles we produce are different from those simply assembled from square tubes. A variety of special section design of frames not only enables extruded aluminum window profile products to satisfy different structures and property requirements of architecture but improve the overall structural ...