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Aluminum Extruded Handrail

We manufacture and offer aluminum handrails that are not only a means of security but ornamental pieces that enhance and reflect beauty of residential compounds.

Staircases and porches often have banisters. These staircase handrails are available in customized designs and dimensions that make them highly demanded in the market nowadays.

1. Our extruded aluminum handrail is anti-corrosive, anti-aging, and with fastness, saving maintenance cost after installation.
2. The aluminum handrail has attractive and unique appearance, as well as graceful and soft color.
3. The aluminum railings are strong with high impact resistance and they are environmentally friendly.

JYZ Series Handrail
Sectional drawing

Sectional drawing

Handrail for Frameless Balcony
Sectional drawing

For further details about our aluminum handrail, please contact us. Custom drawings are welcome.

We are a professional aluminum handrail manufacturer in China. Our company is dedicated to provide our customers with high quality industrial aluminum extrusion, aluminum extrusion profile for curtain wall, extruded aluminum door profile, extruded aluminum window profile and others.
The aluminum extruded handrail features good stability, a simple structure, and easy installation. Quality aluminum material is used in the making of this product. The product shows good corrosion resistance and fire resistance performance. It is environment friendly as well.

Our products come with bright color and tidy appearance. The stair handrail is among them. Thanks to its high hardness and impact resistance as well as long service life, it can be widely used in decoration of large building, hotels, commercial skyscraper decoration, public facilities, and new home decoration. It matches very well with the indoor decoration. In addition, our aluminum extruded handrail offers good resistance to high and low temperature, salt mist, and humidity. Custom designs are also available to meet the requirement of customers.

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  • Aluminum TubeFinish: Powder Coating, Anodized (Silver, Bronze, Black), Mill Finish
    Length: 4 - 6 M
    Also we can produce the aluminum pipe according to the client's drawing and design.
    Package: Interlayer Foil and Plastic Bag
  • Aluminum Extrusion TrayRegarding the material for the extruded aluminum tray, we offer many options such as aluminum alloy 6063, 6061, 6060 and more.
    Hundreds of types of moulds in different specifications are optional at TIME. In addition, we can manufacture the aluminum tray according to customers' drawings and samples, and we are able to make moulds as well.