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Aluminum Heat Sink

Our aluminum heat sink is used to absorb thermal energy or heat from objects through thermal compounds which are also known as thermally conductive materials. At a relatively high temperature, the heat is absorbed from the object and transferred to the heat sink which has a much larger heat capacity. Being a practical thermal energy solution, the aluminum heat sink is widely used for heat radiation of refrigerators, engines, medical devices, lasers, CPUs, etc. These applications are quite helpful in such industries as electronics, medical equipment, industrial manufacturing, household appliances, LED lighting, military applications, etc.

Usually, the aluminum heat sink is designed with different lengths, noise levels, speeds, widths, styles, height and weight, and is typically made of aluminum alloy 6063. The most popular extruded heat sink is designed with a flat aluminum base with vertical radiating fins for increased surface area providing a better heat dissipation performance.

The aluminum heat sink can both be passive and active. The active heat sink uses power sources such as integrated fans with directed fins and the surface area of the heat sink can be increased by directing airflow patterns through the fins. The passive one does not use any mechanical components and the heat can be dissipated through convection or transferred through liquid or gas caused by molecular motion.

1. Our aluminum heat sink provides elegant appearance with decorative effects, long life, corrosion resistance, high pressure bearing capacity and easy installation.
2. It has low thermal inertia, high metal thermal intensity and high power.
3. The radiating fins are flexible and easy to design.
4. The aluminum heat sink is suitable for heat dissipation of machinery.
5. Moulds of different specifications are optional at TIME. In addition, we can manufacture according to customers' drawings and samples and we are capable to make moulds independently.

Alloy: 6063 T5
Finish: Powder coating, Anodized (Silver, Bronze, Black), Mill Finish.
Length: 4 - 6 M
As for the aluminum heat sink, we have our own system and OEM service is available.
Package: Interlayer Foil and Plastic Bag.
MOQ: one 20' Container
As a China based aluminum heat sink manufacturer and supplier, TIME provides a broad range of products that includes aluminum handrail, aluminum tray, sliding aluminum window, extruded aluminum door profile, aluminum extrusion profile for curtain wall and others.

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  • Aluminum Extruded HandrailOur extruded aluminum handrail is anti-corrosive, anti-aging, and with fastness, saving maintenance cost after installation.
    The aluminum handrail has attractive and unique appearance, as well as graceful and soft color.
    The aluminum railings are strong with high impact resistance and they are environmentally friendly.
  • Aluminum Extrusion TrayRegarding the material for the extruded aluminum tray, we offer many options such as aluminum alloy 6063, 6061, 6060 and more.
    Hundreds of types of moulds in different specifications are optional at TIME. In addition, we can manufacture the aluminum tray according to customers' drawings and samples, and we are able to make moulds as well.