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3003 Aluminum Alloy Profile

Aluminum profile 3003 is a kind of product with high rust resistance. It is made in response to the increasing customers' need. The alloying element Mn is added to the material, featuring good formability, corrosion resistance, weldability, and electrical conductivity as well as mechanical strength. It can be used to make kitchenware, food, or chemical products processing and storage equipment ...

6082 Aluminum Alloy Extrusion

Aluminum profile 6082 is a type of aluminum alloy that can be strengthened through heat treatment. It features a good formability, weldability, and machinability as well as a moderate strength. It can maintain a good processability even after annealing. It is mainly used in mechanical structure including bars, boards, tubes, etc ...

7075 Extruded Aluminum Alloy Profile

The alloying element Zn is added to the aluminum profile 7075. Mg-reinforced aluminum alloy is also available. The aluminum profile can achieve high strength after heat treating. As a high quality alloy, it features a good mechanical performance, and anodic reaction property. It is mainly used in aerospace engineering, mold processing, mechanical equipment, frock clamp, etc ... 6063 Aluminum Alloy Profile Extrusion

The aluminum profile 6063 produced by our company is an extruded aluminum alloy. It features good welding performance and corrosion resistance. After special processing, its surface is smooth, tidy, easy to anodize and dye. This series of product shows good tensile strength, yield strength, and bending strength. It can be used in making aluminum doors, windows and curtain wall frames ...

Aluminum Profile and Extrusion

1. Our extruded aluminum window profile meets the requirements of different types of buildings. The extruded aluminum window profiles we produce are different from those simply assembled from square tubes. A variety of special section design of frames not only enables extruded aluminum window profile products to satisfy different structures and property requirements of architecture but improve the overall structural and physical performance of the windows.
2. Equipressure type structural design of the extruded aluminum window profile protects the interior against rainwater. Different specifications of aluminum windows are all designed on the basis of equipressure principle which results in effective rainwater prevention from indoors.
3. Special components guarantee good seal performance of the aluminum window.
The extruded aluminum window profile uses a variety of special seal elements which contribute to the improved seal ability, soundproofing and heat insulation. High-rise buildings are often confronted with high speed air currents especially under typhoons and rainstorms. The specially designed sealing elements, with unique setting methods, can effectively block the water in rapid motion and prevent water penetration due to capillarity caused by wetting of the seal components.
Special section and drainage design results in good air and water tightness.
The extruded aluminum window profile offers reasonable section and drainage design and utilizes special seal components for the joint surfaces of upper frame, lower frame and stiles. With good air and water tightness, the extruded aluminum window profile is suitable for windy, rainy and dusty environments.
4. The extruded aluminum window profile has a special design that can't be dismantled from outside ensuring safety. As for a sliding window, the upper window frame and stile come with a special piece to avoid dismounting from outside. This ensures break-in protection, security and prevents falling glass incidents.
5. An anti-bump piece is used to protect the extruded aluminum window profile. The use of the anti-bump unit applied to the side or lower frames ensures the surface of the aluminum profile will not be damaged when the window is opened.
6. The scientifically designed anti-sock assembly provides vibration reduction and protection functions for the window glass. The aluminum windows are designed to allow proper spacing between the glass and aluminum alloy grooves after the windows are mounted. In addition, shock absorption assemblies are used to effectively buffer the impact against glass which can be protected from damage when the window opens or closes.
7. Special assembly parts have tight seal required for different corners. The specially designed pieces are suitable for connection with 90º corners, ribbon windows or any other special corners. They not only provide effective seal, but solve the problem of compensation for heat-induced expansion and contraction on the ribbon windows.
8. Size adaptability ensures quality mounting of the extruded aluminum window profile.
With adjustable sizes and space between window and wall, the frame can fit the opening very well. This eliminates the trouble caused by size tolerance or tilting of wall opening and ensures mounting quality of the extruded aluminum window profile.
9. Quality surface treatment for accessories provides corrosion protection. The accessories go through anti-corrosive surface treatment and offering resistance to the electrochemical corrosion caused by contact between aluminum profiles and accessories.

Time is a professional extruded aluminum window profile manufacturer based in China. We offer sliding aluminum window, casement window frame, aluminum extrusion profile for curtain wall, extruded aluminum door profile and industrial aluminum extrusions such as aluminum pipe, aluminum tray and aluminum heat sink.

The aluminum profile is a kind of aluminum material with different cross-sectional shape. The aluminum profile supplied by our company is produced through casting, extruding, and dyeing. Each of these processes is strictly controlled to ensure a good corrosion resistance, formability, and weldability. Its surface is oxidized featuring elegance, easy cleaning, and dirt-proofness. It is environment-friendly and doesn't need extra welding when applied with other accessories to be assembled into a product. It is easy to install, uninstall, carry, and move. In addition, different aluminum profiles with various specifications can be used according to the specific load-bearing requirements.

Apart from the aluminum profiles produced for industrial use, our company also supplies the aluminum extruded product with special alloys in it, such as 3003 or 6082 aluminum profile with high corrosion resistance and high hardness 7075 aluminum profile. Our monthly output is up to 2,500 tons and is able to meet the purchasers' demand. Please do contact us through phone call or online consultation if you have any buying need.

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  • Sliding Window FrameSliding aluminum window is a type of window whose sashes can move horizontally or vertically. The sliding window is easy to use and slides smoothly. It is suitable for architecture with sharp outlines. Our extruded sliding aluminum window is supplied for customers to assemble by themselves together with the glass they purchase. For more details, please contact us. Custom drawings are welcome ...
  • Casement Window FrameAn casement window frame has its hinges fixed onto its sides and opens inward or outward. With a large opening area, it provides the advantages of good ventilation, tight seal and break-in prevention along with heat and sound insulation properties. The inward-swinging type casement window frame is easy to clean, and the outward-swinging type casement window does not occupy the indoor space ...